specialised services in the international logistics field


quality services in the international shipping field


refrigerated storage facilities and service for the transhipment of goods and subsequent transfer


service of trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers

Otrokovice complex

quality fuel, parking space rental with the possibility of using docking stations


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We offer comprehensive logistics services in the transport field, specialising in transporting goods with controlled temperature throughout the EU, especially Spain.

In addition to transport, we offer our clients a number of other services, such as goods storage, goods reloading and the subsequent dispatch of goods to the target customer, trucks service, parking space rental.

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Company premises

We have our company premises are in Otrokovice at the side of the D55 and have an area of 25,000 m2. In the complex, there are parking and handling areas for the fleet with the possibility of renting to foreign entities, storage areas with loading ramps and cooling technology, petrol stations, truck services and more.

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